Lumpus cooking fat bird

Lumpus preparing to cook the innoncent fat bird.

The Big Weigh in is the episode 28a of the middle season.


Lazlo tries to save an innocent bird from being eaten by Scoutmaster Lumpus.


Credits: Chip & Skip tell Edward that they are growing a rubber glove tree, but instead, a stesthoscope tree comes out of the ground. They walk away.


The Big Weigh In: Near the end, Clam calls Scoutmaster Lumpus Larry, like in the episode "The Big Cheese". Goof:in the line,when we see lumpus,there was two bears

It's learned in this episode that Lazlo weighs 35 pounds, and a healthy weight for an adult moose is at least 500 pounds.

Lazlo has brown hair, brown eyes, and weighs 35 lbs.

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