The Engagement is the 54b episode of the finale season.


Jane Doe does the unthinkable to Scoutmaster Lumpus! She gets engaged to someone else! Mayor Pothole McPucker of all things! So Lumpus jealously decides that if he can't have Jane Doe, Mayor Pothole McPucker can't have her either! So he comes up with an elaborate scheme to break them up, and he enlists the Jelly Bean Cabin trio's help! But will he be successful?

Credits: Lumpus tries to tell Jane Doe he loves her in different ways.

Scoutmaster Lumpus finally tells Jane Doe that he loves her. but since he was in a woman's disguise Mayor Pothole McPucker thought he was talking to him.

Samson officially becomes the third other creature after Slinkman and Lazlo who is fully aware of Lumpus' love affection for Jane Doe.

Second appearance of Mayor Pothole McPucker. His first appearance was in Lazlo Loves a Parade. It is also the first time he has ever been romantically involved with someone.


(after Lumpus has confessed his love for Jane while dressed as a woman) Pothole McPucker: ...I love you too! Jane: Huh?! Pothole McPucker: I'm sorry, Jane. She's hot.

Samson (in a solemn, but horrified voice): I tried to pick up Scoutmaster Lumpus.

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