The Lemmings the are the quadruplet bean scouts on the show.


The Lemmings are teal-colored and black eye colored lemming quadruplets. They are named Larry, Leonard, Louie and Liniment, and live together in the Soy Cabin. Like lemmings, they'll follow one another, even to the point of running into a tree together. Oddly enough, when Edward pulls one of their pants down, the rest of their pants fall down. This bemuses Edward, as he pants them again to see the effect. They seem to play amongst themselves quite often, as we see them playing on a seesaw, two-on-two style, and they danced amongst themselves during a dance party hosted by Lazlo. They're often in the background carrying odd objects which are incongruous with the plot, as when we see them zip in and out of the scene carrying a cow. They have four moms and four dads. During the Parent's Day relay race, their parents were the winners, and announced as "Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Lemmings". Due to this, Samson really doesn't think they're brothers. All four of their voices are voiced by Steve Little.


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