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The Nothing Club is the 7a episode of first season.
The Nothing Club is the 7a episode of first season.

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Lazlo nothing club

Lazlo's Nothing Club.

The Nothing Club is the 7a episode of first season.


When Edward excludes Lazlo from his secret club, Lazlo creates his own club out of nothing. What would camp be without a good club?


For some reason in Raj's imagination of being a DJ, Amber the rabbit is staring admiringly at him...


First time we see Nina alone.


  • Lumpus: (to Edward) "Hold it, you're the mutated beaver who organized the boat-building, aren't you? Well beaver, you just turn right around and march on back to the beach, and salvage all those boats from the bottom of the lake and build them all again! NOW!"
  • Lazlo: "Well Samson, what do you think of the Nothing Club?"
    Samson: "I don't know... uh... nothing?"
    Everyone: "Yay!"
  • Lumpus: "Slinkman, get out my Lazlo punching bag!"
    Slinkman: "Yes, sir."
    Edward: (angry) "Grrrr! Laz-lo!"
  • Raj: "I like to be squeaky clean! Like a squeaky duck!"
    Clam: "Squeaky duck!"
  • Larry: "Lazlo carried me 7 miles when I broke my leg."
    Leonard: "Yeah, and he carried me 7 miles when I broke his leg."
    Larry: "Lazlo taught me how to laugh again."
  • Lazlo: "Thanks for NOTHING!"
  • Edward: "Welcome to the Anti-Lazlo Club!"
  • Edward: "Are you crazy?! That's no- hey, is that your brother down there?"
    Skip: Whoo Chip! Boogie down, BOOGIE WOOGIE!
  • Lumpus: "Is that a boat made of brick and concrete?"
    Slinkman: "Appears to be, sir."
    Lumpus: "Heh, who built that wonder of science?"
    Slinkman: "Lazlo and Jelly Cabin, sir."
    Lumpus: "Jelly Cabin? (Lumpus, then Edward, then Slinkman laugh) Have the Coast Guard standing by!"
    Slinkman: "Nautical humor."
  • Edward: "Why don't you go to your own club? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't have a club, do you, Lazlo! You've got nothing! The nothing club! That's your club!" (slams the window shut)
  • Lazlo: "Well here I am, in the Nothing Club. Not bad! Here's the couch and the juice bar. The rec room is down the hall next to the pool. Fire exits are clearly marked. Hmm, I think I'll move (moves the "vending machines") the vending machines next to the kitchen. (realizes the "roof" leaks) Was that a drop I felt? I'll have to re-tar the roof before I lay down the new carpet. Uh-oh! Looks like I wandered into the Hall of Mirrors again. Now why on earth did I have this silly thing installed? It'll take me hours to find my way out. (bumps into a "mirror") Ha! It fooled me! It was a mirror! Ha ha! Wrong! Ha! Left turn! Oh ha ha ha! That's me!"
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