The Nothing Club is the 7a episode of first season.


When Edward excludes Lazlo from his secret club, Lazlo creates his own club out of nothing. What would camp be without a good club?


For some reason in Raj's imagination of being a DJ, Amber the rabbit is staring admiringly at him...


First time we see Nina alone.


Lumpus: (to Edward) Wait a minute, you're that mutated beaver who made the boats!

Lazlo: Well Samson, what do you think of the nothing club? Samson: Uh...nothing? Everyone: Yay!

Lumpus: Slinkman! Get out my Lazlo punching bag!

Raj: I like to be squeaky clean! Like a squeaky duck! Clam: Squeaky duck!

Larry: Lazlo carried me 7 miles when I broke my leg. Leonard: Yeah, and he carried me 7 miles when I broke his leg.

Lazlo: Thanks for "nothing"!

Edward: Weclome to the Anti-Lazlo Club! Edward: Hey Chip, is that your brother down there? Chip: All right Skip! Boogie down, BOOGIE WOOGIE!

Lumpus: What...a boat made out of concrete and bricks? (Lumpus laughs)

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