Toodie is the little Squirrel Scout and she is an Eastern gray squirrel who's friends are Patsy, Nina, Gretchen, Honey, Suzie, Terrifield, and Rachel. In It's No Picnic, while Terrifield and Rachel load the watermelon, she is the one who fires the slingshot projecting watermelons at trespassers. In Beany Weenies, it's revealed that she and Suzie are cabin mates. In Hard Days Samson, she and Terrifield peeped at the front page of Manly Hamster in the Dreamboat magazine that Nina got from the mail and later joined the chase of Samson. She later got a few expanded speaking roles in Call Me Almondine and Step Clam where she's a member of the Wingnut Sisterhood with Patsy, Gretchen and later, Nina and Clam who's pretending to be her younger sibling. She is also the one who coordinates the activities at Acorn Flats and she is also seen at Dosey Doe, Miss Fru Fru, and Squirrel Scout Slinkman.



  • She is the shortest Squirrel Scout in Acorn Flats.
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