Dung beetles waiting

The Dung Beetles waiting Edward while they become smart.

Waiting For Edward is the episode 29a of the middle season.


After an accident occurs to Slinkman due to the Dung Beetles' stupidity, Slinkman makes a rule in which he made Edward take care of the Dung Beetles. Trying to get rid of them after a number of accidents trying to protect them, Edward makes hang in a tree, in which it resulted making the beetles become smart.


Credits: The word "Think" bouncing around inside Chip or Skip's heads and coming out their mouths as odd words come out and into the other person's mouth, and he same thing happens again.

This episode is a parody of Samuel Becket's play Waiting for Godot.


Computer: The current operator is not smart enough to run this computer.

Edward: (looking at a brown, talking blob) "What's this?" Chip: "It's a computer." Skip: "We made it out of mud and leaves.

Slinkman: (appears in his full body cast and a wheelchair) all right Listen up, campers. Due to our little mishap yesterday involving... Well, I won't mention any names, but their initials are... CHIP AND SKIP!! (Chip and Skip cheers) Chip: (to Skip) He said our initials! Slinkman we are reinstating the rule that all cabin leaders are responsible for their bunk mates that means keep them from hurting themselves or others Edward wait a second what does that mean babysitting

"Slinkman':in your case Edward it means dung sitting 24/7.

Edward:no please you can't do that to me!

Slinkman: I'm sorry Edward but it's new camp policy.


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