Wedding Bell Blues is the 60a episode of the finale season.


When Jane Doe is left standing at the altar of her wedding, Scoutmaster Lumpus finally sees his chance and asks Jane Doe to marry him. Jane accepts, but there's just one problem: Raj has accidentally sucked Lumpus' wedding ring up his trunk! Will this complicate matters for the wedding?


Credits: Scoutmaster Lumpus sings to Jane Doe.

It is found in this episode that at least three adults (Scoutmaster Lumpus, Jane Doe, and Slinkman) can fit comfortably within Raj's trunk.

It is revealed in this episode that Raj has 17 older sisters.

Scoutmaster Lumpus and Jane Doe get married in this episode.

The Navy Turtle's name is revealed to be "Manfred" ovor four times.


Final appearance of Jane Doe, Ms Mucus, Commander Hoo-Ha and the Squirrel Scouts.

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