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Where's Lazlo?
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Production Information
Air DateFebruary 18, 2007
Storyboard byJoe Murray and Mark O'Hare
Written byJoe Murray, Mark O'Hare, Merriwether Williams and Nick Scott
Directed byJoe Murray, Mark O'Hare, Brian Sheesley and Nick Scott
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Where's Lazlo? is a Camp Lazlo movie and the on the movie series.


An Emmy-winning hour-long prequel about how the Jelly Cabin trio met. When Lazlo disappears after meeting a bear, the camp assumes he has been mauled, while Clam and Raj refuse to accept that explanation. The story is told by Raj and Clam after all of this. The camp members speculate about Lazlo's fate, wondering if the bear devoured Lazlo or if Lazlo found himself lost around Prickly Pines.


Part 1

The story opens with Lazlo gone, and Clam and Raj relating the tale up to this point.

The first segment builds Edward's growing resentfulness towards Lazlo, and Lumpus's dissatisfaction with the Jelly Beans behavior. Lazlo builds a totem pole to decorate their new cabin, when Lazlo hears an animal in distress. Given Lazlo's nature, he goes to find it and help it, while Clam and Raj choose not to accompany him.

Lazlo finds a bear with a pine cone stuck in his nose, and pulls it out, earning the bears gratefulness. The bear follows Lazlo home and he hides it in his cabin and names him Fluffy. Lumpus finds out, thanks to Edward telling Lumpus that Lazlo left camp, against strict camp regulations. Protecting Lazlo, the bear attacks Edward and Lumpus, scaring the both of them out of their wits, and eventually sending them into a panic as the enraged bear chases them, being on the warpath against them and everyone else. Lazlo finally calms the bear, convincing him that he's not hurt, and he and the bear go have lunch, though the bear is still suspicious of Lumpus and Edward. While everyone hides in Lumpus's cabin, Lazlo follows the bear out of the camp; with Lazlo gone, Raj decides that he's through with Lazlo.

Part 2

The Next morning, when Lazlo's beanie is found (along with a grizzly mess), everyone assumes that he's been eaten by the bear. But When Edward can find neither the bear nor Lazlo, he makes up a story about how he tried to save Lazlo and scared the bear off, and demands the camp's respect. The next series of scenes deal with both Edward spinning a web of lies, and Lumpus trying to come to grips with Lazlo's disappearance, but only due to Lumpus's fear of Commander Hoo-Ha, not over any real concern for the missing scouts.

Cabin reunited. Finally understanding that Edward was lying, Raj and Clam find Lazlo in the Prickly Pines restaurant, Beef Lumberjacks. Lazlo explains the incident, but Lazlo is reluctant to return to Camp Kidney, because it's a joyless place. Clam and Raj end up convincing Lazlo to return, but upon Lazlo's return, he finds the bear raving the camp, which also exposes Edward's duplicity, due to Edward ultimately being a coward. In the end, it turned out that Lazlo was using the bathroom and the adventure affected Raj and Clam as he was really gone for a small period of time.


  • This was the first and only one-hour special of the series.
  • When we see Clam cleaning his toaster, he only has one leg.
  • When Clam is wiggling his butt at Scoutmaster Lumpus, his tail is missing.
  • Edward claims that the bear that "ate" Lazlo was a black bear, which Clam later corrects as a brown bear. While this is most likely meant to be a plot point, some black bears do have brown coats. It should be noted that the bear in the feature does have the muscular hump over the shoulders, common to brown (commonly called "grizzly") bears.
  • When Lazlo first arrived to Camp Kidney in a box, the box didn't have any air holes.
  • The title of this episodes was a take-on from the episode Where's Clam.
  • Middle Credits (the credits after the first 30 minutes): Lazlo does the dance that he did when he went out of the fruit box. At the end, Raj screams "Wookasha!"
  • Like some other one-hour movie specials from this period, this special was later aired as two separate episodes in reruns and some countries. This version of the episode is on iTunes, and it is separated into 2 different parts, and each part has different credits.
  • Apart from a promotional DVD and a "For Your Consideration" DVD for Emmy voters, the full 45-minute cut of the special has yet to receive an official release.
  • A "Triple Feature" release containing this special, along with "The Big Field Trip" (the My Gym Partner's A Monkey TV Special) and "Good Wilt Hunting" (the first "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" TV Movie) was planned during the same year as its release, but never made it past the design phase.
  • When Slinkman was opening the box his arms are brown.
  • End Credits: Skip has to go, and Chip suggests he just use the bushes. Chip keeps telling Skip to back up further until Chip can't see Skip anymore before Chip says that Skip is good.
  • It is learned in this episode the flies that always circle around Chip and Skip are actually fruit flies that traveled in the same fruit crate as Lazlo, and Lazlo let them have those flies as a gift.
  • It is learned in this episode that Lazlo first arrived in Camp Kidney via a Fruit Delivery Truck.
  • It's learned in this episode that before Lazlo came to Camp Kidney, Scoutmaster Lumpus was nicknamed the Iron Moose for his tough, disciplinary command.
  • Raj was swimming in the water. The flashback was likely before Swimming Buddy.
  • When Raj fell into the water he said he had so much fun he forgot he couldn't swim so after that he still had his fear of swimming
  • Writing Goof:
    • In the Jellies are their current age when they come to Camp Kidney for the first time. However, in the episode Movie Night, Lazlo flashes back to him and Raj as babies together in Jelly Cabin, which would mean that they had been coming to camp since they were babies.
  • The premiere of "Where's Lazlo" was in a letterbox/wide-screen format on 2-18-2007. On a 2-19-2007 repeat, it was shown in a full screen (4:3 aspect ratio) format instead. The repeat had less detail and looked as if it were zoomed into the original picture. The same thing happened to an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends called "Good Wilt Hunting". This may have happened to other similar one hour specials on the Cartoon Network as well.
  • Raj shows up in camp wearing a traditional Indian outfit.
  • Commander Hoo-Ha does not appear in this episode, even though his voice was heard for the final time.
  • Camp Kidney used to be a more dictorial camp, where everyone obeys the rules (so that Lumpus can keep a spotless record in the camp), until Lazlo came.
  • The special is the only time Commander HooHa addresses Slinkman by his actual name.


Slinkman: "Okay now you have to name your cabin."
Raj: "What about garbage dump?"
Slinkman: As long as it's a bean. See you at dinner."
Lazlo (thinking): A bean, a bean. How about Jelly bean!"
Raj: "That is not a bean, that is a candy."
Lazlo: "Don't you think the jelly bean wants to be brought into the bean family?"
Raj: "No!"
Raj (to Clam): "Hi, my name's Raj."
Clam: "Humphh!"
Raj: "Does your toaster work?"
Clam: "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!"
Raj and Clam: "Lazlo!!!"
Lazlo: "You Guys, do you have to do this everytime I go to the latrines."
Raj: "But we love you!"
Lazlo: "You didn't tell that story again, did you."
Raj: "We sure did, Lazlo."
Clam: "Story!!!!!"
Chip: I broke Raj!
Chip (to wooden Raj):
Hey Raj? Don't tell Edward, but I'm afraid of bears. Are you? (looks at Raj wooden dummie)
No? You are too scared. Look at you. You're petrified.
Lumpus to Slinkman: It's a miracle! Lazlo has returned! (Opens door.)
Slinkman: That's not Lazlo, that's just camper Samson scratching his armpit and eating a banana.
Lumpus: Don't be ridiculous Slinkman!
Samson (shouting): He made me do it! (Hits Lumpus.) Bad moose!
Raj: [Crying And Wailing] "Lazlo!" "I can't believe he's [Sobbing Wildly] gone!" "How could he leave us?"
Clam: [Weeping Uncontrollably] "Our pal........he was...our little monkey!"
Raj: [Still Crying And Wailing] "We were a seemed like only yesterday when we first met."
Clam: "Yes........tell story."