Wilbert (Beaver/Fred/Beavey) is a light brown beaver scout from Camp Kidney. He stays in Baked Cabin.


Scoutmaster Lumpus tried using him as a chain saw to cut down the Migrating Mulberry Tree, starting him by pulling on his tail. It was also revealed at the same time that he wears a retainer. He was also seen helping Edward, Chip, Skip, and Samson at Old Geezer Geyser to get on the bus before the girls did. He was also seen in No Beads, No Business, finding a free bag of chips that Raj threw accidentally. He was once friends with Edward temporarily but then became friends with the stork camper.

In Edward's Big Bag, it's revealed that he speaks French (and doesn't "speak monster" like he claimed to do.)

Edward forcefully made friends with him in Friendward, and after doing a number of activities such as building dams with their tails, he decides to go off with a bunch of guys, as a tactful reminder that he doesn't like Edward.


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